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Columcille Irish Cultural Center


1.  To establish, organize and manage in Staten Island, a center for the preservation and promotion of the Irish culture and heritage of Ireland, the Irish people, and the Irish-American people.

2.  To provide a repository for works of literature and history related to Ireland, the Irish people, and the Irish-American people.

3.  To provide a facility for the instruction of the Irish language, music, poetry, theater and dance, and to make such instructions available to all members of the community at large.

4.  To provide a facility open to all members of the community for research and study of genealogy.

5.  To provide a facility to advance charitable interests to local Irish and Irish Americans, promote membership and the activities of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America (AOH) and the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians (LAOH).

We are hoping to have our new website be a one stop shop for anything Irish on Staten Island by sharing with your our biggest local supporters, our favorite Irish vendors, Irish dancers and musicians, local bagpipe band resources and how to get involved with the Irish community.

We need everyone's support to keep the tradition alive! 

  • Our biggest annual event is the Staten Ireland Irish Fair.
  • Our library of Irish books is currently at 1,300 books.
  • Ceili dance lessons every other week.
  • Gaelic Language classes.
  • Dinner dance on March 17th after the NYC parade that's open to anyone to come celebrate our patron St. Patrick.
  • We host quarterly open networking sessions for anyone interested in promoting all things Irish.